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Where and how to store your jewellery so it doesn't spoil

To keep your 925 Sterling Silver and gold-plated jewelry from darkening over time, it is important to know how and where to store your jewelry. With our tips, you can learn simple methods to keep your jewelry stored while you are not wearing it, they are super simple and practical! 

As you may know, with time and use, sterling silver can naturally oxidize and become dull. This is a normal process, you can read our post where we explain why silver darkens. But by following our tips, you will slow down this natural process.


Always store your jewelry individually, for example, in our Lavani boxes. Reuse our Lavani boxes as jewelry boxes, thus preventing your jewelry from scratching, rubbing or tangling. You can separate them in little boxes, in different compartments, keep them in suede envelopes, or store them in plastic bags. Especially for silver jewelry, if you store them in sealed plastic bags, you will prevent air from entering, which is what causes silver to oxidize.

Every woman has a jewelry box, whether purchased or handmade. If you prefer to keep your jewelry in a jewelry box, make sure it is lined inside with a soft fabric such as velvet or suede, to avoid scratching your jewelry and be much more careful. But we have to warn you that, unfortunately, in jewelry boxes, the most common thing is that your jewelry is messy: your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tangled with each other and constantly rubbing. This is a mistake, because, once again, your jewelry can get scratched.

But why does jewelry scratch?The reason is the different hardness of metals and gems or natural stones. When you rummage through your jewelry box to find the piece you want to wear that day among the chaos of jewelry you have stored, you may unintentionally scratch your jewelry. Special care should be taken with precious or natural stones, so make sure they don't clash with each other when stored.

As a possible solution, but of course, it is not the only one, we propose you Travelcase: made with metallic leather on the outside, and lined with velvet on the inside. It has many compartments so you can store your jewelry individually, and there are no pieces touching each other, as we recommend. You will be able to hang your necklaces and pendants separately, thus avoiding entanglement. It also has a compartment with slots for you to put your rings.


Make sure you store your jewelry in a place where it can't get sunlight! As prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause many natural stones to fade and lose their color, especially amethyst, rose quartz, chalcedony and smoky quartz, but there are many stones that can become paler from exposure to sunlight. 


Also remember to fasten the clasp of your necklaces, pendants and bracelets before storing them. This will prevent them from getting tangled together, but if it happens, here are some little tricks to untangle chains. 

As a tip, it is better to hang necklaces. If a necklace is too long, and you put it in a small box, it can become entangled with each other.


Be careful and try to avoid extreme humidity and heat, as this can cause tarnishing of your jewelry. Especially, gold plated or 925 silver jewelry should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. Therefore, we do not recommend that you store them in the bathroom, it is better to keep them in a place without humidity, for example, on your bedside table or in a jewelry box in the closet. 


Jewelry is meant to be worn, but your hands, neck, fingers and fingers can cause your jewelry to get dust, body fat and contact with acids. And in the long run, these substances can get into the jewelry box where you keep your jewelry. This can lead to two things: your jewelry will eventually acquire an unpleasant odor and lose its luster. To avoid this, clean your jewelry regularly before storing it, so that it lasts a long time. Here's how to clean your jewelry.


The oxidation process also slows down if you wear your jewelry very often. But don't worry, if you have stored your jewelry for a long time and it has oxidized, you can clean it occasionally to keep the shine and rust at bay!

All Lavani silver jewelry is rhodium plated, which protects the silver from exposure and helps reduce long-term tarnish or tarnish loss.

Now that you know all these tricks for storing and preserving your jewelry in the best possible way, you can put your jewelry in order! 



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