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Zoom Sadie Coin Hoops
Zoom Aros con medalla y textura con circonitas de color
Zoom Aros con medalla colgante con piedras multicolor bañados en oro de lavani
Zoom Aros dorados con colgante de monedas
Zoom Sadie Coin Hoops
Zoom Sadie Coin Hoops

Sadie Coin Hoops

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High Quality Sustainable Jewelry

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sadie pendant


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Earrings with 18k gold plated coin pendants.

if search different and special rings, this is your model: some earrings with coin-shaped pendants made with artisanal jewelry techniques and lots of movement to elevate any look you wear. Combine them as you want!


Discover handmade jewelry with new golden textures with unique designs and a lot of movement thanks to handmade jewelry.

Inspired by the relentless current of life, this collection is our ode to the ancient and reserved world of handmade jewelry. A unique and contemporary environment of tradition and innovation, textures and techniques that give rise to the sculptural design of organic pieces in gold. In these artisan design jewels you will find the movement that evokes the unpredictable pattern of life on its surface with a palette of shades of gold to awaken your inner vigor.

Discover the incessant change in these handmade golden jewels: golden rings, intertwined rings, long earrings, chokers with stone beads and many more pieces that will make you discover a new world.

The collaboration with Apreels

At LAVANI, as a sustainable artisan jewelry firm and store, we support a multitude of projects in our day to day. In this case, each year, we select an emerging designer to be part of the process of creating a collection with us. Marta, creative director of Apreels and the Lavani creative team, have come together to create Auria. The vision, design and details that characterize LAVANI, such as natural stones in exclusive designs, together with the craftsmanship that characterize Apreels, give rise to a fusion of skills and experiences. A union of both styles that results in a refreshing, different and very special collection: Auria.

- Finish: Baño en Oro de 22 k.

- Stone: Rubí, Aguamarina y Esmeralda sintéticos. Circonita.

- Weight: 8 g.

- Diámetro del Aro: 2 cm.

- Closure System: Mariposa.

- Hypoallergenic.

- Manufacturing warranty.

- Por favor, ten en cuenta que, debido a la naturaleza única de las piedras, los colores y patrones exactos pueden variar ligeramente de la imagen que se muestra.

Delivery in time for Christmas guaranteed.

We understand that you are anxious to receive your order as soon as possible, but remember that during the Black Friday promotion period, due to the high volume of work, delivery times are not guaranteed. In addition, at this time of the year, transportation companies are likely to be more saturated. We estimate that you will receive your jewelry within 9 days. But it will be worth the wait! You will be notified of any updates to the status of your shipment and will have access to all tracking information once your order has been shipped.

Sadie Coin Hoops


Materials and Sustainability

✧ Plating 18K Gold / Semiprecious Stones

Our pieces are made to last the longest. Our high-strength gold finish prevents discoloration and oxidation, so you can wear your jewelry every day and everywhere.

What is micron gold plating?

Micron gold plating is a gold plating technique that dates back to the 19th century. All of our plating is done with at least 2 microns of 18K Gold to create long-lasting, timeless pieces that, with proper care, will stay in your jewelry box perfect.

Learn more about caring for your jewelry.

Responsible and sustainable production

LAVANI JEWELS is committed to being a responsible, conscious and transparent brand regarding our impact on the environment and other challenges in the society around us. At Lavani we follow the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and strive every day to take care of our planet.

Manufactured in local workshops

Our jewelry is produced in local workshops with gr experience and tradition in the creation of jewelry. In this way, we avoid pollution caused by excessive import and export of products.

Natural Stones

All our jewelry is made with high quality semiprecious stones. Wonders of nature with unique reflections and colors, which make each piece of jewelry unique.

Rubí, Aguamarina y Esmeralda sintéticos. Circonita

Aquamarine is the stone of generosity, it harmonizes body and mind. It has deposits all over the world, the most important being in Brazil and India; and in Spain, in Galicia and Aragon. Emerald Stone: provides patience and love. It makes friendships flourish. Zirconite is a gemstone with macroscopic properties similar to those of diamond, especially in transparency. It is one of the cubic forms of zirconium oxide, with high hardness. Because it resembled the diamond so closely, it was associated with wisdom and distinction. The name ruby comes from the Latin "ruber", which means red. It is composed of a mineral called corundum, the same as sapphire. It varies in color, but remains between pinkish, orange and red, depending on the chromium and iron content. It frequently presents solid inclusions of mica or rutile, which add value. This precious stone has been the object of veneration throughout the history of mankind.

More information about our stones.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Free of cadmium, tin and nickel. With a layer of protective lacquer and noble metals to take care of you.

Registered at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

About us

Our conscience

LAVANI JEWELS is committed to being a responsible, conscious and transparent brand regarding our impact on the environment and other challenges in the society around us. At Lavani we follow the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and strive every day to take care of our planet.

Our team

LAVANI JEWELS has a young, dynamic and feminist team made up of 100% women. Women who are concerned about the problems of today's society and try to contribute their bit in the day to day.

Our designs

In LAVANI JEWELS we design each and every piece of jewelry from scratch. LAVANI creations are unique pieces and we try to give them a meaning and history so that everyone who wears them feels as special and unique as they are.



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