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Libra sign and its birthstone.

As we are very keen of birthstones, the univers, mysticism and much more, Zodiac signs couldn´t be a topic to ignorate in our daily routines and our production. Due to its ability to talk about ourselves, even without us knowing it, it seems that, it is worth to talk about it.

¿Are you o do you have someone in your life Libra? ¡Get into their univers and its birthstones!

Zodiac signs libra birthstone

Despite the fact that it is true that every sign needs its due attention, today we want to write about Libra Sign. As there is one of us who is Libra in our daily routine, we can openly and sincerely say that Libra is so amazing and extraordinary that a post is at least what it deserves

¡Continue readying and discover everything about Libra sign and its birthstones!

1. Libra personality female traits

If you were born between the 22nd of September and the 22nd of Octtober, today we are going to share with you which are the Libra´s personality traits!

With Venus, the love planet, as their main guide, Libras are known to be charming, loyals and very romantics. Thus, their personal relations are the main engines of their lives. For Libras, people who relate with, give them their necessary balance, serenity and enrichment, allowing them to discover even traits about them that Libras have not discover yet. As a consequence, when they stablish relations, they like to do it in a very personal way, building strengthen boundaries more than having gathering with many people in noisy environments.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that they do not really like noisy environments, this doesn´t mean they don´t know how to manage them. As they are very empathic people, it´s easy for them to start interesting and smoothly conversations. They have a special way to know how do people feel, making them feel comfortable by their side.

On the contrary, this can sometimes be a problem as they normally worry too much about the fact than everybody needs to be comfortable with the decisions he make, leading Libras to live stressful moments and periods of frustration when it´s overly complicated to find a solution that pleases everybody. Besides, this is the main reason of their characteristic indecision that so defines them.

Ultimately, Libras are creative and are characterized for seeing the world in a different way, trying to open their horizons. Therefore, jobs as writer or creative director can be the kind of job places where they can fit in well.

2. Libra birthstones

If you are Libra, these are some of the birthstones you need to provide yourself with to attract good energies, love and prosperity in your life. Some of them are:

Libra birthstone color Blue could be considered, the Libra color as it symbolizes harmony and peace in every aspect of their life. Also, if you want to open up your heart and balance your life, pastel colors as sky blue and airy pink could be ideal options.

Libra September Birthstone is Shapphire, considered as one of the most valuable gems in the world of jewelry its pure blue color symbolizes truth, sincerity and nobility and its known to attract wealth and protect ourselves from harm and envy.

Shapphire libra september birthstone

Libra October Birthstone is Opal is known as the Libra Birthstone of the month of October. It is associated with purity, innocence, hope and faith. Nevertheless, Opal is not the only birthstone as October has another one that is the Tourmaline, which known as the “Peace Stone”, is believed to dispel anger, fear, jelousy and aggressiveness to keep its owner calm. Besides, it also enhaces creativity.

Opal Libra october birthstone

3. Libra constellation and Zodiac Signr

Libra is the seventh constellation of the Zodiac. Without excessively shiny stars, which makes it one of the discreet constellations located between Virgo and Escorpio. The number of stars that form Libra Constellation are 83 stars that diagonally united, make it seem as a balance, representing justice, equality and balance, being this last also its Zodiac Sign.

4. Zodiac Libra Jewels

Thus, to share with you our eagerness about universes, stars and horoscopes, in LAVANI we decided to produce the Zodiac Collection in which you can find beautiful and original pendants for each Zodiac Sign. Enter in our collection and discover how does Libra´s pendant look like!

5. Jewels for Libra's personality

As our zodiac sign talk about us, jewelry does it too. This is the main reason why we consider that is important to dress with jewels which represent us. Jewels that talk about who we really are and reflect the truest imagen about us.

For Libra people, affectionate, empathic and sociable at the same time as personal and creatives, we recommend jewels as the Manhattan Multicolor hoops, full of bright and life or the colorful and joyful hoops Ibiza.

Talking about pendants, we definitely recommend you the Riviere Victoire and also the Fortune Wheels as some of the best options to dress something stylish and colorful but not excessively extravagant.

Finally, we know that Libras like stylish things but without being ornate earrings. Thus, options as the Birthstones ring and the Denali would be the perfect complement!

Look out in our web and discover all these jewels which with you can identify yourself


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