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Tiger eye

In today's post, we present the semi-precious stone Tiger's Eye. For us, it is the most feline stone, the one that reminds us most of wildlife and also possesses qualities such as protection and wealth. But...let's start at the beginning.

Would you like to visit its history?

Properties and characteristics of tiger eye



1. Tiger eye formation

2. Legends of the Eye of the Tiger

3. Tiger Eye Appearance

4. Mental Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

5. Physical Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

6. Horoscope connected with the Eye of the Tiger


1. Tiger Eye Formation

    Tiger's eye is a semi-precious stone found in quartz-rich deposits, mainly in South Africaa, Australia, India and Mexico. It is a type of quartz microcrystalline, composed of oxide minerals and rich mainly in iron.

    2. Legends of the Eye of the Tiger

    There are many legends that have to do with the properties of tiger's eye, so here are a couple of them:

    - In the Middle Ages, when a man went to fight, he would macerate milk with the eye of the tiger and give it to his wife so that she would not be unfaithful (and if she was, she would not become pregnant by her lover). 

    - In addition, the tiger's eye has been one of the most stolen stones, because thieves and gambling addicts always carried it with them as an amulet for success (although, if they abused them, the effect was the opposite).

    3. Tiger Eye Appearance

    Tiger's eye stone always presents vertical bands and reflections in shades ranging from gold to brown. Whether they are one color or another will depend on whether the stone has more iron oxide (in this case it will be brown), or if contains less iron oxide (then they will have a color closer to blue-gold). less iron oxide (then, they will have a color closer to blue-gold).  

    4. Mental Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

    We have already said that it attracts good luck, but it will also keep you focused, increase your creativity and make you less shy, making you fight fearlessly for your dreams and eliminate from your mind those thoughts that do not serve you for nothing, feeling a totally free person.

    5. Physical healing properties of Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's eye has been especially linked to the relief of eye problems as well as bone-related injuries, back pain and even stiffness in the neck. 

    6. Horoscope connected with the Eye of the Tiger

      The properties of tiger's eye are especially valuable for those whose horoscope is either Gemini or Leo. For the former, it helps them stay away from danger, keep their feet on the ground and gradually become more intuitive. For the latter, it gives them strength to create and increase their inspiration (especially if they are engaged in art-related work), and it also gives them strength to harmonize their spirituality. 

      Fun fact about Tiger's Eye:

      The tiger's eye stone was believed to increase strength and even intelligence if you wore it. It was one of the most important stones in the past.

      How to keep our tiger eye jewelry clean:

      Although this process does not apply only to the tiger's eye stone, we remind you to keep it in mind. Place the stone in a container and, on top, add some coarse sea salt (or water from the sea). Leave it for at least 2 hours and then remove the salt with water and a soft cloth. Clean stone! 

      Do you still have any doubts about this stone? Ask us whenever you want!

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