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What piercing to wear according to your zodiac sign

How to choose the best piercing according to your zodiac sign.

There are twelve signs of the zodiac, these refer to 12 of the constellations that we can see from earth. And why do I belong to this sign? Very simple! When a person is born, according to the month of birth, he belongs to one ZODIAC SIGN or the other. This is due to the simple fact that the sun is illuminating a constellation for 30 days, one month. For this reason the zodiac signs are guided by the date of birth.


Necklace Zodiac Horoscope medal, constellation, Sagittarius symbol


Nowadays, there are more and more people who decide to read their zodiac sign in their daily life and, for this reason, we want to participate in some way in your daily routine.

What better way than advising which piercing to choose according to your zodiac sign.

Piercings with multicolored semiprecious stones



1. Discover your piercing if you are a Capricorn

2. piercing according to your zodiac sign: Cancer

3. Piercing for Gemini people

4. Discover the piercing for Leo zodiacs

5. Virgo and its most special piercing

6. The piercing that a Libra should wear

7. The best piercing type for a Scorpio person

8. The piercing according to the zodiac for Sagittarius

9. The best type of piercing according to your horoscope if you are an Aquarius

10. The perfect piercing for Pisces

11. Taurus zodiac and its piercing

12. Discover the piercing for Aries zodiacs


1. Discover your piercing if you are a Capricorn

Saturn, earth and goat, these with the planet the element and symbol to which Capricorn belongs.

Capricorns have very well set goals to achieve, they never stop thinking about them.

They are ambitious and are committed to planning and dedication.

Zaria pink ideal for Capricorn. They have a V shape and are composed of four natural zirconia stones, 2 pink and the other 3 white. In the image, you can see it as the piercing below.

Piecing Zaria Rosa with two more piercings


2. Piercing according to your zodiac sign: Cancer

The element of Cancer is water, it belongs to the moon and its symbol is a crab.

People belonging to Cancer tend to be very sensitive, even if they keep it to themselves and do not show it to the outside. It is a sign that appreciates every detail that is put in front of it, even the smallest.

As main resources that Cancer can offer, it is the patience and constancy that it has. The priorities of this zodiac sign are family, home and motherhood.

The Orchid is perfect for them, it is based on a piercing without holes and composed of zirconia stones, moonstone and labradorite with pink and green white colors.


3. Piercing for Gemini people

Gemini's planet is Mercury, its element is air and its symbol is the twins.

They are curious and spiritual, they can't sit still for a second, they even do 2 things at the same time.

They love to talk and discuss things, attacking and defending as needed to avoid boredom.

The Eclair is perfect for them, they simulate an earring in the ear with which they could overcome that curiosity of how it would look or if they will like it or not without the need to make new holes. This consists of 2 parallel parts exactly the same, as you can see in the upper part of the ear of this model. 


Earcuff with pastel-colored stones



4. Discover the piercing for Leo zodiacs

Leo is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the Sun, as an element, it belongs to fire and as a symbol it has a lion.

He values dignity and pride highly. They love to be treated at the level they deserve and are the center of their universe.

Leo's personality is boundless, bright and charming.

The Lollypop Pink is ideal for them. It is a slightly curved stick with a pink Tourmaline stone at each end.


5. Virgo and its most special piercing

Mercury is the planet to which Virgo belongs, its symbol is the virgin and its element is earth.

Virgo is a demanding and critical person with what he wants, he loves to help people and would give his life for it.

On the other hand, he is an organized person in his daily life and does not like things to be moved from their proper place, with a good sense of humor, intelligent and patient.

Which piercing could Virgo choose?

Selene is perfect for this zodiac sign, with natural green Onyx stones. It's small and simple, but with a touch of fun color.


6. The piercing that a Libra should wear

Libra is ruled by Venus, with the symbol of a scale and air as its element. He cares a lot about the relationships he creates with other people, he has balance and harmony.

One of his strong points is communication, he is sociable with others and knows perfectly well the meaning of the value of sharing. He is curious and always asks what something looks like to someone else. The moment he makes a mistake, he is the first to apologize and admit his own mistake.

The Jackets Maui contain natural stones Labradorite in gray color, has a feature that differentiates itself, it has multiposition. We think they are perfect for Libra.

Piercing with gray labradorite stone


7. The best piercing type for a Scorpio person

Scorpio belongs to Pluto, its symbol is a scorpion and its element is water.

They tend to be intriguing and complicated people. Their feelings are passionate, they can be cold and a little distant.

Scorpio does not see that something can be progressing little by little, but closes itself to whether it is right or wrong. In some respects she can be vindictive and jealous.

The Cotton Labradorite piercing are perfect for people with Scorpio zodiac sign, it is a small and discreet piercing with a Labradorite stone with a screw clasp.


8. The piercing according to the zodiac for Sagittarius

Planet, Jupiter, element, fire and, symbol, the archer's arrow.

She loves going out as much as staying at home, she is sure to have fun whatever I do, she is full of energy and enthusiasm for everything she does and is very optimistic.

Sometimes he does not know how to control everything he says in every situation and can become very direct.

The Mindy Green ideal for Sagittarians. Composed of 4 small green zirconia stones.


9. The best type of piercing according to your horoscope if you are an Aquarius

Aquarius belongs to Uranus, as an element it belongs to air and has the water bearer as its symbol.

He is very conscious of ecological, humanitarian and environmental issues.

He tends to get along very well with almost everyone, even continuing to have relationships with ex-partners.

Vague, perfect for them. It gives luminosity to the face thanks to the white zirconia stones it contains and if not, look at how amazing it looks in gold on our #LAVANIGirl. 

Golden earcuff with semiprecious zirconias


10. The perfect piercing for Pisces

Guided by Neptune, it belongs to the element of water and has a fish as its symbol.

All this belongs to Pisces, who love everything related to water. He is a person without limits and that sometimes scares him a little.

He loves to meet his goals and when he does he feels great, but when this doesn't happen he finds it a little harder to get back into his routine.

We have a piercing that fits perfectly to Pisces, Piercing Bianca. It has the shape of a padlock decorated with white zirconia stones, representing the passion and union it has with everything related to water. 

Golden padlock piercing with zirconias


11. Taurus zodiac and its piercing 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love and Roman mythology, and its element is earth.

They belong to people whose date of birth is between April 21 and May 21.

Among his attributes are materialistic, sensual, full of appetite and sensitive. As a life motto that suits him and represents him very well, it is "live and let live", Taurus loves to go shopping to be in a good mood, he likes to be around lots of beauty.

They do not like to take risks, they must always be sure of what they are doing at all times and have thought about it at least a couple of times, but using the time they need at each moment, as they do not like to have the feeling of being pressured to decide something.

He can become a little stubborn, but not something excessive that cannot be solved with the feeling of being secure, so he needs to be attached to his friends and family to keep his life on track.

The Selene White, perfect for them as it is simple and ideal to complete a look, sure to be a hit in any situation. Composed of a zirconia stone in white color.


12. Discover the piercing for Aries zodiacs

The sign of Aries belongs to people born between March 21 and April 20.

They are ruled by Mars, their element is fire and their symbol is a ram. They love to be first in EVERYTHING.

They like to express themselves, they are pioneers and innovators, spontaneous and direct. They usually act first and foremost.

The Nirelle is perfect for Aries signs as it has an Earcuff on the top from which hangs a chain that will be hooked on an earring, no matter which one as it is valid for all. With this earring we can let Aries create, innovate and wear the earring as they please. It is composed of zirconia stones and moonstone in white, both in the part of the Earcuff clasp and in the whole chain that hangs from it, getting a lot of brightness in the face.


Earcuff pendant with white and gray semiprecious stones



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