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What does vintage mean in fashion, culture and style

Surely, you have probably heard the word "Vintage". The word "vintage" is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old that is also clearly representative of the era in which it was produced. It could be said that to be called vintage the piece should strongly reflect styles and trends associated with that era.

Discover what does vintage mean in fashion and all the style that revolves around this term.

Discover what is vintage and gold vintage jewelry

And it is that, this word is very fashionable, since it is not only a term to designate objects, but around it a very particular kind of culture and style has been formed.

Do you want to know more about the word Vintage? We tell you...


1. Meaning Vintage: what does Vintage mean

Do you know what vintage means? The meaning Vintage is very curious, since it comes from English and means harvest or vintage. This term is used to designate very good quality wines, which is why it created a lot of controversy within the wine sector when it began to be used for other areas.

And it is that, at present, the word Vintage is an adjective that is used to designate things from the past. Normally the vintage style is used for pieces around 20 years old, very characteristic of the time to which they belong.

To be even more experts in this word, the term Vintage is not pronounced as “vintach”, but is pronounced “Vintij”.

vintage style


2.Vintage style

As we have told you before, a very important Vintage culture has been created. But, what is that of Vintage culture? Vintage culture really is a style, a style in which pieces from years past are highlighted.

The vintage style can be attributed to fashion, decoration, furniture, makeup or vehicles.

And it is that, the vintage style is a symbol of sustainability, thanks to the new use that is given to the pieces of the past, thus reducing consumption and production waste.

Old vintage style vehicle


3.Vintage Meaning in Fashion

Within the vintage style, the aspect that we highlight the most is: vintage meaning in clothing.

Vintage fashion has been one of the trends most seen by many celebrities. So, what does vintage mean in fashion? With the rise of sustainability, many people have turned to buying second-hand clothes, where they can find quality clothes and very famous brands with long durability, due to the good qualities of the clothes and accessories in the past, so here we have an example of vintage meaning in fashion.

Many celebrities go for vintage clothing at iconic moments like red carpets.

For example, Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe's dress this 2022 Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian Meryl Monroe Dress


Zendaya wearing a vintage Versace dress from the same year she was born, in earth color causing a great furor among her fans.

Zendaya in vintage Versace dress


As well as, Jennifer Anniston during the SAG awards, betting on a vintage pearly white silk dress from the house of Dior.

Jennifer Anistone in vintage Dior dress

Although we can also find vintage fashion in the middle of the street and it is sure that if you are looking, you will find many vintage shops near you with incredible prices and unique clothes.


4. Vintage style jewelry

The vintage style has become so viral that it has already been identified as a type of fashion which does not really need to be second-hand, since many brands have decided to give their clothes and accessories a casual touch to give them a vintage touch. .

Model with vintage hair and vintage style earrings

Do you want to discover some vintage style accessories? At LAVANI we have the perfect vintage style for any type of taste.

Theauria collection it is the perfect example of what vintage-style jewelry looks like. They are jewels in gold with an artisanal and handmade style that make them unique. We show you the best-sellers of this collection:

TheCavalier new summer collection with vibrant colors they also remind us a lot of the retro style, a style closely linked to vintage culture, that's why their jewelry seems to us the perfect example of vintage jewelry:

Another perfect example is Stardust jewelry, both bracelets and rings are the recreation of the vintage style in its most bohemian aspect:

Finally, a jewel that seems to us to be a recreation of the most classic and elegant vintage jewelery is our Pride necklace in gold and silver with pendant precious stones:


For many it is difficult to understand how the vintage style can be liked, but we will tell you that the vintage concept either loves it or hates it. What team are you from? Would you bet on the Vintage style? Tell us what garments and what jewelry inspire you vintage aesthetics on our Instagram @lavani.jewels


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