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Gold or silver jewelry, which one suits me better?

Team gold or team silver? Some of us can't make up our minds, and one of the most common doubts that some girls have is whether gold or silver jewelry is more flattering. We are sure that some of you will have more than clear which is your favorite, but today we are going to give you a few tips so you can choose between gold jewelry or silver jewelry.


Skin tone

Let's start with skin tone, one of the most important physical elements when choosing your gold or silver jewelry. Not only does it help us to choose between these, but it also helps us to choose colors!

We are sure you know what skin tone you have, whether it is warmer or cooler, however, we are going to give you an infallible trick so that you know 100% what your skin tone is like. Look at the veins that run through your wrists, if they have a bluish tone it means you have whiter or cooler skin and if you see them in shades of green it means you have warmer and browner skin.

If your skin is cold, silver jewelry will look better on you. Silver jewelry will bring out the luminosity of your skin and add shine and delicacy. Take a look at our where you are sure to find the one that best suits your style.

Silver idol hoop earrings Lavani Jewels

If your skin is warm, there is no doubt that gold jewelry will look better on you. Gold jewelry will highlight your tan to the maximum, without a doubt it will flatter you a lot.

Idol gold hoop earrings Lavani Jewels


Hair color

As for your hair tone... blondes, brunettes, brunettes, brown or redheads, we bring you the ultimate solution to choose!

If you are blonde, do not hesitate, gold jewelry will be your greatest ally, they will highlight those yellow tones reflecting light, brightness, will highlight your tone without a doubt.

Brunettes with black hair, silver is your color! The silver will bring the light tone to your face, will give light and will contrast a lot with your hair tone.

For brunettes, we advise you to look at your skin tone, brunettes can choose between gold and silver, so to know for sure which one suits you best, look at the previous section, is your skin warm? So choose gold, is your skin cold? Choose silver.

Finally, red hair is one of the most special hair tones. For redheads, we recommend gold, it will help you combine clothes more easily and will highlight your hair tone. Also, if you want to risk a little more, rose gold is a safe bet for you!

Earrings sevilla on redhead model


Time of year

The time of the year is a very interesting factor to choose your gold or silver jewelry.

As you can imagine in summer we are all more tanned even with lighter hair due to the sun, so, do not hesitate, gold jewelry will look amazing on you.

Itzia Earrings

However, in winter our hair tends to darken and our skins to lighten to cold tones, choose silver jewelry to give you luminosity.


Hopefully these tips have helped you decide whether to choose Team Gold or Team Silver. Although we are sure that even with these tricks some of you won't change your team hehe. As always, you know girls: We must choose the jewelry that makes us feel confident and comfortable first and foremost!!!


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