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Earrings for black guest looks

Who hasn't dressed in black for an event? Many times we hear that black can become a boring and typical color for a guest look. However, at LAVANI we think otherwise, we believe that it is one of the most elegant and classic colors that exist and that you will be able to continue using it for a long time.


We show you which earrings to combine with black guest looks. The perfect black wedding dress earrings.

What's more, there is a way to adapt the black color of the dresses to the trends or the style you need for your guest look and it is with... PENDING!



1. Gold earrings for black dress

If you are thinking what goes with a black dress we have the solution for you: golden earrings with zircons. These are very special golden earrings with zirconia that will highlight the black color, giving a breaker and very trendy touch. These earrings for black dress are the clear example of how black can become something totally different with an accessory.

We think that for these gold earrings could look amazing something from a bold and very on-trend brand Zadig & Voltiare. This brand is really hot, and for that reason, we have chosen a Black lingerie dress by Zadig & Voltiare that will look amazing with this gold accessory for black dress.

Gold earrings for black dress

2. Black ñargo earrings

2. Long black earrings

What accessory to wear with a black dress? Long earrings. This type of earrings will bring balance to our look.

For example, we have chosen the Nirelle, long black and white earrings with stones for all types of black guest dresses.

For this, we have chosen a sold-out dress, which combines one of the latest trends: a black feather dress. This women's black dress will look great with long black earrings

Black feather dress with long earrings


3. Black dress with silver accessory

3. Black dress with silver accessory

One of the best options is to combine a black dress with silver earrings. Silver earrings will bring a lot of light and a clear touch to the black guest look.

For example, here you can see how good it looks, Veli earrings in silver with a black dress for day weddingThe short and plumetti fabric gives a fresh air to the look in black to make it look good for daytime.

Silver complement for black dress


4. Costume jewelry for black party dress

A pair of large black earrings will be the perfect complement to a black and white dress, one of the most elegant bets of the moment.

What's more, we are going to tell you about one of the latest trends. This past year, one of the trends that has been sweeping the world has been a black and white dress. So much has been in fashion, we are sure you are aware of the moment that starred Queen Letizia herself with a black and white Mango with which she coincided in an event with one of the winners on site.

So, if you want, we take this very viral queen dress as an example to show you how to combine a black and white dress with black costume jewelry.

In our case, we have chosen gold and black earrings with zircons in the same color, simple and elegant. Do you like our combination?

Black and white dress with gold jewelry

5. Black look with fuchsia earrings

5. Black look with fuchsia earrings

One way to break away from black is to go forcolorful accessories. For example, you can combine your black guest look with a colorful accessory such as the , Leaf in bougainvillea color.

The Leaf earrings are very large earrings and its fuchsia color will bring a touch of black that you can also complete with other accessories for black dress of the same color.

Look how great fuchsia earrings look with dressBlackblack guest dress!

Large earrings for tight black dress

6. Large earrings with long black jumpsuit

6. Large earrings with long black jumpsuit

Lastly, large black earrings are a must-have to make your look extra special.

In our case, we have opted for these large golden earrings from the new collection of "Auria" by LAVANI Jewels.

In this case, we want to change, and show you a wedding guest look with black dress jumpsuit combined with our complement for black: golden Tallulah earrings.

Gold earrings for black look


Undoubtedly, the color black for weddings gives us infinite possibilities that can be combined with different types of guest earrings. You are sure to find more ways to combine your black guest look with many of our other party earrings.

If you still don't know how to combine a black party dress or a black look, you can always ask us through the chat on our website and we will personally advise you to have the perfect earrings or, you can also ask us through our InstagramInstagram @lavani.jewelsInstagram.


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