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5 Orange party earrings to give a warm touch to your looks

Earrings are one of the keys for our look to go from 0 to 100. It is super important to add a special touch to our face with this dynamic accessory. If we add to this one of the colors in trend this 2022, the result is orange earrings.

Combine orange earrings with your party looks to provide a warm and trendy touch.

Summer is over and it is hard for all of us to leave vibrant colors behind, however, this year we have a point in favor, and that is that orange is very fashionable. Orange is a color that can be worn from a vibrant, even neon shade for summer to a pastel or warm shade for the fall season.

For this reason, for the most nostalgic of summer, we propose 5 orange party earrings that will make you rock during the return to reality in autumn.

Get now the most fashionable orange earrings of the moment!


1. Orange stone earrings

These small size orange earrings are earrings for life. These are high-quality earrings, which you can wear both to go to work, and for presentation days at the university or on weekends. In addition, you can also take advantage of it to be the guest earrings for events in autumn / winter.

Short orange dress with orange stone earrings

Orange stone earrings with long orange dress


2. Fringe earrings for orange looks

These earrings will make you fall in love! They are golden fringed earrings for warm looks. Gold always combines super well with orange looks as they both belong to the same group of warm and bright colors.

These are some of thebest sellers this year's Lavani. A safe bet!

Golden fringe earrings combined with a party look

Orange top paired with warm gold earrings


3. Orange party earrings

If you are looking for some orange earrings for a party or event, we are sure that these are going to amaze you.

They are orange dangling earrings with 22k gold plated details and gemstones in orange tones. They are perfect earrings for autumn events that will combine not only with orange, but also with yellow, brown, red and maroon. You can also use them with a blue dress, giving a unique contrast to your look.

At LAVANI, we love these orange guest earrings. Look at these combinations of orange earrings with guest dresses!

Long orange earrings with guest monkey

Event dress with dangling orange earrings


4. Small Orange Hoop Earrings

If you are more simple, these small orange hoop earrings are made for you. It is about small hoop earrings with a detail of a small orange pineapple. They are perfect for work and for day to day.

And also, these earrings are perfect to combine with their matching chain, which you can use both as a long necklace and as a belt.

Small orange earrings combined with a short lurex dress

Warm hoop earrings with casual orange look


5. Large orange earrings

A protagonist earrings, that are the center of attention, are these large orange and purple earrings perfect for events or for party nights on weekends.

These are large circular earrings with two circles of semiprecious stones, one in orange amber stone and the other with lilac amethyst stone.

Everyone is going to go crazy with these earrings! Look how incredible they are with more risky orange looks.

Big orange party earrings with romantic blouse
Orange suit with orange party earrings


What do you think of the orange earrings for orange looks? Although the orange color is a color that you do not usually include in your looks, we assure you that once you try it you will not be able to take it off, it is a very addictive and flattering color. So imagine how good the orange color will look on your earrings!

Tell us what have been the proposals of looks with favorite earrings in@lavani.jewels and do not forget to mention us if you decide to bet on them.


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