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5 Tips to give the best Valentine's Day jewelry as a gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as every year, in Lavani Jewels we don't want to miss the opportunity to show you why this day is so important and why we love to celebrate it so much. Also, in this post we are going to tell you 5 tips to choose the best Valentine's Day jewelry.

But before we move on to Valentine's Day jewelry....

A brief legend:

Perhaps (most probably) most people do not know the origin of this beautiful and romantic tradition, but it has not been a modern invention as most people believe. On the contrary: it dates back to 270 A.D. and the legend behind it is very beautiful. We are going to tell it to you in a nutshell so you can understand our passion for Valentine's Day and start loving it as much (or even more) as we do.

Legend has it that during that time there was a priest named St. Valentine who was dedicated to marrying soldiers to their sweethearts on the sly. During this time, Christianity was forbidden so there could be no weddings, but St. Valentine was a hopeless romantic (like us), and he couldn't not do it.

Legend of St. Valentine

Throughout this time, he continued to marry and for this act of love, he was discovered and executed by the emperor Claudius II, who locked him in prison for a long period of time.

In this prison, Valentine met a blind woman with whom he fell in love and to whom he wrote a letter in which he signed it "Your Valentine". According to legend, these words were the first she had ever seen in her life. Do you believe us now when we say we are blindly in love with this wonderful day?

Let's move on to the Valentine's Day jewelry for this 2022

Today the story has changed quite a bit and we dedicate Valentine's Day to remember this legend by doing all kinds of acts that show love to the people around us to remind them that we love them, and very much. What happens is that many times we do not know what to give and we end up making a mess to choose something that is going to like.

Lavani Jewels Gold Initial Pendants

We are convinced that jewelry is one of the star gifts, one of those that never fail and that show love to the fullest, but we also know that sometimes it is difficult to know which one she will like the most and with which she will feel more identified.

Don't worry, we are going to be "your Valentine" today and we are going to give you...

5 tips to know what Valentine's Day jewelry to give to that special someone

And, of course, that it is a sure hit. Shall we start?

    • Gold or silver? It is important to know if the person you are giving normally wears more gold or silver jewelry and it will be the first step you will have to take to choose jewelry for this Valentine's Day. If you are not sure, we leave here some jewels for you to see the difference and think about which one you usually wear more. HERE you can see all the jewels in silver and HERE all the novelties in gold. If you already have it clear, let's move on to the next one! 
    • What type of jewelry should I choose? The most important thing once we know what material we want, is to know what jewelry our partner wears the most. If we have never seen her with bracelets, we will have to discard this option and think of another type of jewelry. It can range from earrings to rings, necklaces and bracelets. Dig into your jewelry box and write it all down to find the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry!
    • Does size matter? Of course, and very much so. If the person you are giving always wears minimalist earrings, small jewelry and very discreet necklaces, here's another clue: the size of the jewelry you give her this Valentine's Day will have to follow this line. Or maybe just the opposite, she loves jewelry that catches the eye and is the first thing we notice when we see her. Then go for maxi Valentine's Day jewelry. Shall we continue?
    • Personalize your jewelry: That the jewel has a special meaning will always add a unique value and will make the person to whom you give a gift feel special, so think of a moment you have shared and give her a jewel that has that meaning. Here's a jewelry idea for a personalized Valentine's Day gift: if you met on the beach, any of the jewelry from this collection would be perfect to remember this moment.
  • Look for THE moment: Give her a gift in a unique place, prepare her a home cooked meal or take her to see a movie with popcorn at the cinema and afterwards, give her the Valentine's Day jewelry you have chosen with a handwritten message so that she can understand the value of the jewelry for you. You will love it for sure! You can leave us in the notes of your order the words you want to dedicate to her and we will write them by hand and include them in a Valentine's Day card in the box.

And if you also want to share with us the moment when you leave her speechless with the surprise of her new Valentine's Day jewelry? you would make us very happy! We love jewelry on Valentine's Day and beautiful love stories, so... See you on Instagram! We are always active over there giving advice, listening to your stories...

Can you tell us yours?


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