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Types of slope closures

We all know that there is a world of different types of earrings, which ones are more comfortable, which ones look better, etc. However, they never take into account how important the choice of the right closure can be for an earring.

So, today, we would like to tell you about one very important thing in earrings for women's ears: the most important types of earring closures today. We consider ourselves experts in this area because we choose the most appropriate type of clasp depending on the design of our LAVANI earrings, so dare to discover different types of earring clasps.

Different earrings with different clasps

We know that there are not only these closures, but that there can be many types. For these, we will tell you the solution later; for now we want you to learn their names.



1. Butterfly or snap closure of earrings
2. Catalan closure pending
3. Omega or pinch closure
4. Screw lock earring
5. Bar-type fastener
6. Hook and loop fastener or hippie fastener


1. Butterfly or snap closure of earrings

The butterfly earring clasp, also known as a snap clasp, is the most common and we are sure we all have one lying around the house. It is the one we use the most in LAVANI earrings. The butterfly earring closure allows for medium-high support, as well as being comfortable and easy to adjust. Check out some of LAVANI's earrings with butterfly or snap closures:

Many times, we fall into the idea that a press-fit nut has a super short use, because many times they end up not fitting well, or simply do not give us the fastening we need.

So pay attention, because if you use butterfly clasps or snap closures, we are going to show you a very simple trick to make it fit perfectly with your women's earrings:

I. Place the nut on a flat surface
II: With your fingers (or if it is very rigid with tweezers) and press it towards the center so that the separation between the two earrings is very small.
III. Ready!

This way, you can have your fasteners looking like new and end up spending money buying a lot of nuts. We leave you a drawing below so you know exactly how to do it.

Image illustrating how to adjust nut


2. Catalan closure pending

The Catalan lock, originally known as catalan tancaThe Catalan lock is a very comfortable and sophisticated type of lock with a very secure locking system. This is one of the most comfortable closures due to the zero pressure exerted by the Catalan clasp on the earlobe. It is true that it tends to lose strength easily, but it is very easy to adjust it with small pliers.

This type of clasp is not widely used in costume jewelry, as it is usually used more in jewelry with materials such as gold, silver and pearls, in very traditional designs. In our case, you can find this very comfortable hoop clasp in our Earrings With Catalan Clasp Mystere.


Although it is also used in hoop earrings, at LAVANI it is the way we always use it. Like these LAVANI Jewels hoop earrings:

 Catalan hoop earrings with pendant clasp

3. Omega or pinch closure

The Omega clasp type, more commonly known as pinch clasp, is used especially for large and heavy earrings, as its structure allows it to support much higher, without sacrificing comfort. It consists of two parts: the stud that goes through the earlobe, and a second part, in the shape of the Greek letter omega, which is superimposed with the stud, helping to hold it and adjusting the earring against the earlobe.

Also, it is one of the favorite fasteners among the elderly, for its convenience when removing and putting on, and also to avoid losing the fastener at some point.

 Earrings with omega or pinch type clasp

4. Screw lock earring

This is one of the safest, designed especially for sleeping with it and for babies. At LAVANI Jewels, we also use it a lot in those earrings designed not to be removed, such as the typical earrings or piercings for the second and third holes.

For example, like these piercings available at LAVANI:


5. Bar-type fastener

The bar type clasp is specifically designed for climbing earrings, because it runs along the entire lobe and adjusts correctly to our ear, being moldable. At LAVANI, we find them super comfortable and they are also very cool for girls looking for studless earrings. Many of our best sellers have them and you are delighted with how good they look in the ear.


6. Hook fastener or hippie clasp

The hook fastener is known by various names: hook fastener, hippie fastener or hook fastener.

It is one of the most used clasps in earrings, but also the most dangerous, since it depends on its shape and is very easy to lose.

It is normally used in dangling or long earrings. They are very easy to put on and take off and they stylize the ears a lot, so it is the typical closure that fits all types of ears, besides being an earring without a nut.

In LAVANI, as we know how easy it is to lose this type of earrings and wanting to offer the highest quality we only have a type of earrings with this type of super secure hook closure because it almost forms a form of hoop earring without joining. We show it here:


We love all these types of clasps, and because we want you to be as comfortable as possible, we adapt each earring to a type of clasp so you don't have to worry about dropping them. your perfect clasp!


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