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The Mother of Pearl is one of the natural stones with the longest history of all. It has been used for many years and is a symbol of elegance, tradition and classic style.

Mother-of-pearl a natural stone: what is mother-of-pearl, mother-of-pearl properties and mother-of-pearl jewelry

Would you like to know more curious aspects of the mother-of-pearl stone? Today at LAVANI, we tell you all about this famous white stone, one of the most famous stones in jewelry, a field that we dominate.

Discover the mother-of-pearl stone!


1. What is Mother of Pearl

The Mother of Pearl is an organic stone that forms at the bottom of the sea inside shells at great depths.

The composition of the Mother of Pearl is from Crystallized Calcium, CaCo3, known asAragonite.

This stone is formed due to the nacre produced by molluscs, which when it forms layers and layers, ends up creating what everyone knows as Mother of Pearl.

Traditional shape of the mother-of-pearl material


2. Mother of pearl color

As you surely know, the color of the Mother of Pearl is white.

The Mother of Pearl reflects white tones with iridescent and brilliant highlights. Its color is a real beauty!

White Mother of Pearl with sparkles


3. Origin of mother-of-pearl and where is mother-of-pearl found

The origin of the Mother of Pearl is in the sea and therefore, we can find the Mother of Pearl in oceans and large seas, in general, since in all the seas of the world we can find this stone in greater or less quantity.

Mother of Pearl Marine Formation

4. Mother of pearl properties

The Mother of Pearl is associated with various properties:

  • Property of absolute happiness.
  • Property of a long beauty, without aging.
  • Property of bringing luck to everyone who sees it.
  • Property of influencing the oceans and seas, due to its marine origin.

Mental properties of mother of pearl

5. Jewelry made with Mother of Pearl

In jewelry, mother-of-pearl is one of the most valued and demanded materials, since any jewel with mother-of-pearl becomes timeless and elegant. A jewel for life.

Hoop earrings with natural pearls Mother of Pearl




6. How to care for mother of pearl

Mother-of-pearl is a very delicate material, so at LAVANI we advise you to always store your pearl jewelery in a safe place, such as ina jeweler.

Also, avoid putting perfumes on them, as well as soaps, and it is advisable not to shower or swim with Mother of Pearl.

Lastly, we recommend passing a damp cotton ball through your Mother of Pearl when you finish using it to remove any dirt and sweat it may have.

girl with pearl earrings cleaning


We are sure that you love mother-of-pearl as much as we do, it is a jewelry material that will always be a long-term investment, as it is a classic material of very good quality that can be in your jewelry box for years to come. watch out. It's time for you to show it off!


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