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Reasons why Fast Fashion jewellery ends up costing you more

We are in the most consumerist era in history, the era in which the "throwaway" concept is more fashionable than ever and we apply it almost every day to our lives. In fashion, this concept is called fast fashion, but what is it really?

The idea of fast fashion is the mass consumption of cheap clothes, usually similar to current trends and extremely affordable prices, which places the textile industries as the most harmful to the environment.

But behind this, there is much more: poorly paid wages, no sustainability, cheap production produced in underdeveloped countries, discarding products with a very low life expectancy... and why?

Nowadays, the way we dress defines many characteristics of our person, at least at first glance, and today's society needs to have lots of clothes, lots of accessories and shoes, regardless of their quality and their impact on the environment, in order to demonstrate a "proper" appearance.

This also applies to jewelry. Fast fashion jewelry is cheap, yes. But it generates the same waste as textile industries with the same production style. At Lavani we want to show you the reasons why fast fashion is neither the only nor the best option.

Copied designs

Most companies copy designs from small designers or big brands that are not accessible to the population, adapting them to their market in order to reduce costs. These are obviously fair practices for designers and small businesses. To try to avoid this, at Lavani we register every piece of jewelry we make, so that you know that it is unique and that it has its own exclusive design that you will not find in any other store. 

Quality of jewellery

Of course, if the jewelry is cheap, you can change and wear different ones every day, but for how long? Because apart from being able to cause allergies depending on the poor quality materials used, they will also wear out surprisingly easily. They will barely last for weeks and then you will have to buy them again. Does it really pay off for you? The answer is no, neither for you nor for the planet.

Sustainability 0

In addition, changing your jewellery so quickly will increase the waste you produce, so pollution will increase and we will contribute more and more to making our planet worse. 

Unique fashion

Having an exclusive design, which has been made with quality materials, with a well-paid job, in which the sustainability of the products has been taken into account and in which work has been done to offer customers the best of the company, are the main reasons to choose durable fashion and avoid fast fashion, although if you are not convinced, in Lavani we show you why you have to choose us (and avoid fast fashion):

  • Our packaging is 100% sustainable
  • We collaborate with NGOs by donating 100% of the profits.
  • We are a feminist team, made up entirely of women.
  • 100% sustainable production
  • We produce in local workshops
  • Avoiding the use of plastics


And, if you want to know more...take a look at the Sustainable Development GoalsWe at Lavani are committed to these goals, but we can still improve and we keep trying, so we will.

Supporting small businesses and sustainable models is the best way to start taking care of the planet, will you join us?


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