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The best hairstyles to dress up as a flamenco dancer

Flamenco hairstyles: the best hairstyles for flamencas.

From the LAVANI Jewels team, we know the excitement and the importance that has for many of you the great and awaited Seville Fair celebrated this 2022, and we can imagine how you are all finalizing the details and choosing the final accessories for your flamenco dresses.

Sevillana with chignon and stone earrings

We know the sophistication, care and work behind each of the flamenco dresses that are undoubtedly a true work of art, but we must never forget the small details, one of the most important for us: the flamenco hairstyle.

That is why today we are going to talk about all the flamenco bows that will make your outfit have the final touch and will make you triumph during the Feria. In addition, we are going to show you the perfect earrings for each type of sevillana hairstyle and that you will be able to continue using once this incredible and flamenco week is over.


Classic chignon

To begin with, we are going to talk, of course, about how to make a low or classic flamenco chignon. Without a doubt, it is an easy process that only requires you to brush your hair backwards forming a small bun at the back/bottom, styling it the way you like it, i.e. more up or with some loose strands. This chignon is a Sevillana hairstyle that will look great on all of you. It is also very comfortable as it is perfect for placing a flamenco flower or Sevillian headbands.

Classic flamenco chignon

For this classic Sevillian hairstyle, we cannot recommend more traditional flamenco earrings at LAVANI Jewels than the Sevilla earrings. In honor of the Fair, they are made up of three vertical golden roses and are incredibly beautiful.


Low ponytail

Low ponytails are the best ally for flamencas who want simple hairstyles. In addition, it is a low flamenco updo that you can easily do at home, without a lot of time and a lot of work. We are sure it will be a super elegant and sophisticated hairstyle for the Fair. It is also the most comfortable and practical of all flamenco hairstyles for dancing!

Low flamenco ponytail

For this flamenco hair, we recommend a pair of hoop earrings that break with the sophistication of the hairstyle, providing a more casual air, such as the Afrodita earrings that, being completely golden, will combine with your outfit without any problem.


Tousled low bun

A tousled low bun is a gypsy hairstyle that looks great on all types of faces because we can give it the informal air that we like or that best suits us. Undoubtedly, it is one of the star flamenco updos at the Feria de Sevilla.

Flamenco tousled chignon

In addition, we can wear it all day long without it looking like it has fallen apart, since we will have decided to give it that look from the very first moment. However, these chignons need quite large earrings as a small one may not look big enough, use star earrings such as the Persia earrings or the Amazon earrings.



One of the star options for us is a low braid. We know that this type of hairstyle is not the traditional one, but it is a very comfortable, easy to do and youthful hairstyle that will be ideal for a flamenco dress. We recommend it especially to younger flamencas as it will add a fun touch to the look. In addition, it is a perfect flamenco hairstyle for the second or third day of the April fair, when you can't do it anymore and you need to be as beautiful and Sevillian as the first day.

Flamenco Braid

The best for this type of hairstyle is to open the braid and have a more casual style. In addition, it is perfect to combine with a flower crown and earrings attached to the ear. Ideal earrings for the flamenco braid are the Marrakech earrings in gold.


The lady or dancer bun will give our flamenco dress a romantic and sweet air that, without a doubt, will break with the flamenco aesthetics. A plus point of this hairstyle is that it can be worn for a long time without messing it up, so you can enjoy the fair to the fullest without any problem in your flamenco chignon.

Flamenco dancer bun

We recommend that you combine this flamenco bun with earrings that have a special shape, for example, a geometric shape like the Palmira earrings. Undoubtedly, these earrings will make your face stand out to the maximum, adding a different touch to your super Sevillana look.


Wavy updo

For the updo with waves we first need to make regular waves throughout our hair that will be collected in a low or medium sevillana updo, as we prefer. It will bring a different, bohemian and natural air to our flamenco dress, reminding us a bit of a gypsy bun style.

Flamenco updo with waves

You can frame your face with large and colorful earrings to match your dress or create contrasts, such as the Leaf earrings that we have available in white, green and fuchsia, so you can choose depending on the color you are looking for your flamenco dress.


We are looking forward to seeing you again at the Feria de Sevilla enjoying the party atmosphere and your spectacular flamenco dresses. We hope that these flamenco hairstyles or Sevillana updos have helped you to give the final touch to your Sevillian costumes and that you combine them with the most suitable models of earrings or the ones you like the most from LAVANI Jewels. Don't forget to tag us on our social networks if you decide to go for one of our updos for the Feria de abril!


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