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Bracelet Sizing Guide

How to measure your wrist for a bracelet: the ultimate bracelet sizing guide.

Today at LAVANI Jewels we show you how to measure your wrist for a bracelet with our bracelet sizing guide.

Index on how to know your bracelet size

1. How to measure your wrist for a bracelet: find your perfect bracelet size.

2. How to know your bracelet size: discover the different settings.

3. Bracelet sizes according to your wrist or forearm measurements.

At LAVANI Jewels we have a collection of bracelets perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions and events. With such a wide collection of exclusive designs, we are tempted to fill our wrists with bracelets!

But before choosing our favorite design we have to know what our size is, finding a bracelet that fits our wrist and is comfortable is essential. It sounds like a complicated process, but, on the contrary, it is very simple!

Discover in this blog all the steps of the bracelet size guide and decorate your hands with the most special designs.


1. How to measure your wrist for a bracelet: find your perfect bracelet size.

We present the easiest way to measure your wrist for a bracelet, with three simple steps you will find your perfect size.

1. Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper, just below the wrist bones, which is where you would normally wear the bracelet.

Infographic how to measure wrist for bracelet - Lavani Jewels

2. If you are using a strip of paper, mark with a pencil or pen the measurement, and then use a ruler to measure the length.

size guide bracelet Lavani Jewels

3. Check in the details of the product page that the bracelet size has the desired length.

Measurements Lavani Jewels bracelet

Another tip we give you is that if you do not have a measuring tape you can use a bracelet that you already have and you are comfortable to measure the size of your next bracelet. You will need to measure the inside length to determine the perfect size for your next purchase.

2. How to know your bracelet size: discover the different settings.

Once you know what your ideal size is, you should ask yourself what kind of adjustment you want or need, i.e., do you want the bracelet to fit or do you prefer it to be loose?

The decision is yours and depends on the style or comfort you are looking for.... you must take into account the type of bracelet it is!

If you are going to buy a thin bracelet, we suggest you choose a perfect fit. This type of bracelet slips easily so if you want to make sure you never lose it, make sure the fit is perfect.

If you are looking for a bracelet or bangle, in most cases, we recommend a comfortable fit, so that you are comfortable with the jewelry and it has some movement.

If, on the other hand, you are going to choose a wide bracelet, it is better to opt for a loose fit, so that your wrist is not too tight and you can wear it all day long without discomfort.

Below, we show you in one simple size all the measurements corresponding to the type of adjustment, so that you can find your perfect bracelet size at a glance:

    Perfect fit Add 7 mm
    Comfortable fit Add 12 mm
    Loose fit
    Add 20 mm


    On the other hand, we find adjustable bracelets, the ideal option if you do not know which type of adjustment to choose. With this type of bracelet you can mold the fit to achieve a tighter or looser look depending on the occasion or needs.

    In Lavani Jewels we have a collection of adjustable bracelets that have an extender included designed to fit different sizes and different adjustments.

    3. Bracelet sizes according to your wrist or forearm measurements.

    Bracelet measurements are in centimeters, so to find out what is your ideal bracelet size you must first measure the contour of your wrist as we explained at the beginning of the blog, and then add one or two centimeters depending on the fit you are looking for.

    You should also keep in mind that your left wrist and right wrist are probably not the same size. So, we recommend you to measure and decide before buying on which arm you are going to wear the new bracelet.

    If you can't get the measurements since the bracelet is not for you but is a gift we leave two indicative measures to choose from depending on whether the gift is for a man or a woman.

    - The average size of a man's wrists is 18 cm.

    - The average size of a woman's wrists is 15.8 cm.

    Lavani Jewels doll sizes

    At LAVANI we have bracelets and bangles for all styles and occasions: discover them!

    1. Bracelets with lots of shine: They are fine bracelets with natural semi-precious stones that will make you shine in any occasion. Combine these gold-plated bracelets with colorful stones with matching earrings.

    We have for example the portobello bracelet with natural semi-precious stones in different colors, a piece that will brighten up any gray day.

    2. Special guest: This section includes more eye-catching bracelets and bangles that will spruce up your guest look and become the stars of your outfit. Include in your most special days the most sophisticated jewelry from LAVANI Jewels.

    The Stardust bracelet is an example of an elegant piece ideal to be the best dressed guest.

    3. Golden bracelets: Finally, we find the collection of gold bracelets with several options of fine link bracelets. Simple pieces that adapt to any look and that you can use as a complement for everyday wear or to combine with more striking jewelry for events.

    For example, the Hybrid bracelet, which also has a matching Hybrid necklace.


    We hope this bracelet size guide has helped you and that you already know what your ideal size is. Now if we move on to the next step, choose your favorite design, discover our collection of bracelets on the LAVANI Jewels website.


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