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Difference between ring and ring

Ring or ring? Surely, many times you have used the term ring to refer to a ring thinking that they are synonymous, however, the word ring and ring do not have the same meaning.

Ring or ring? Discover the differences between ring and ring

Difference ring and ring


Today at LAVANI we have set out to investigate the words ring and ring and decipher in an easy and understandable way exactly which of these terms refers to one of our favorite accessories.

Know the difference between ring and ring easily. Let's go with it!


1. What is a ring

A ring is a round jewelry accessory used to adorn the hands, being inserted through the finger, which is usually made of a noble metal and is adorned at the top with a precious stone.

The ring dates back years in history, as it can be seen on the canvases of the great Egyptian pharaohs. Although, it is said that the origin of the ring was in ancient Greece through the legend in which Zeus punished the god Prometheus with a ring to wear a ring that would symbolize slavery throughout eternity.

what is a ring

2. What is a ring

The definition of the RAE on a ring:"Ring, especially the one that is worn as an ornament on the fingers of the hand." In addition, the RAE itself tells us that the word ring comes from the Latin "sorticŭla, from sors, sortis, luck”, having a meaning related to luck.

Rings originated in ancient Rome, in which rings were used to differentiate social classes: slaves wore iron rings, free people wore silver, and the nobility wore gold rings.

What is a ring


Also, they were the first to use rings as a symbol of commitment, which is why we usually refer to engagement rings as rings.


3. Big difference between ring and ring

The difference between ring and ring is mainly their meaning, since apparently both terms can be confused, due to the wide range of rings that exist today.

Differences between ring and ring

The ring usually refers to a ring with a special meaning, which addresses a certain commitment or feeling, while the ring is a complement without any meaning, or at least not as decisive.

A few years ago, the RAE did differentiate the meaning of rings and rings by their material. It was said that a ring was made with pure materials such as gold, silver, gems... while rings referred to rings made of materials that were not very durable. But as we have said, at present it would be very difficult to differentiate the word ring and ring simply by their material, since the meaning must be placed at the center of the difference.


From LAVANI, we hope we have helped you with this brief but useful explanation of why we sometimes refer to rings as a ring or as a ring. What do you think is the most curious thing about the difference between a ring and a ring?


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