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Tarot cards and their meaning

One of the most mysterious and magical aspects is the reading of Tarot cards. Tarot cards date back to ancient times and magical and dark traditions. And it is that, not everyone is able to readtarot cards due to its great difficulty and delicacy.

The Tarot deck: discover all the Tarot cards, the meaning of each Tarot card and how to read its destiny.

Lavani Jewels Tarot deck pretty

Dare to discover with Lavani what Tarot cards are and what their meaning is on the occasion of the Le Tarot collection, which has an exclusive gift of incredible and unique Tarot cards so that you can be a true Tarot professional.

Let's start to discovermeaning of tarot cards:

I. The Magician

This card symbolizes power and control. A unique self-determination and self-conviction. It can also be interpreted as a possible future deception. The Magician is a very powerful card and it is very interesting if he chooses you during the draw in the Tarot.

Magician's card


II. The High Priestess

The high priestess represents women around the world and the symbolism around them: femininity, wisdom and intuition.


III. The Empress

The Empress card symbolizes the cycle of life, birth and fertility, it is usually a symbol of future births and babies. It is usually a card shown to women, which predicts pregnancies.

Tarot card meaning The Empress

IV. The emperor

The emperor, unlike the empress, symbolizes masculinity and power, and can even symbolize an abuse of power or a hidden weakness.

The Emperor tarot card meaning


V. The Priest

The Priest signifies the need for faith and spirituality in people's lives: kindness, forgiveness and humility in order to live in peace.

Meaning Tarot card the Priest


SAW. Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card refers to a change in your sentimental life, whether it is the appearance of the love of your life, or a drastic change in your current relationship.

Tarot card The Lovers meaning


VII. The car

The Chariot refers to the burdens that you face or will have to face during your life: fears, phobias that you must face in order to lighten the trajectory of your life.

The Chariot card meaning in the Tarot


VII. The force

Strength refers to your inner state, your feelings and abilities that define you, it shows us the infinite capacities that each person has within us.

Tarot cards The Strength meaning


IX. The hermit

In Tarot, the Hermit represents loneliness and frustration, as well as being a symbol of suspicion and reflection. This card helps people who have it to open their eyes and get out of bad streaks.

Tarot card the Emritan meaning


X. The wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune indicates a changing destiny in your life, to know the trajectory of this destiny, you will have to observe the cards around the wheel of fortune.

Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune meaning


XI. Justice

Justice symbolizes balance, a full and calm life. As well as, a justice that is on its way for the problems that were left open.


XII. Hangman

The hanged man symbolizes the need for sacrifice in your life to achieve a goal. It encourages you to reevaluate your current life and what you need to do to reach your goals, there is nothing easy in life!


XIII. Death

Death does not refer to what we all think at first, but rather symbolizes a change in your life over which you have no control, mostly a negative change.


XIV. Temperance

Temperance suggests self-control, a conservative character, and moderation. It is a card that encourages us to relax and think before acting in order to improve our lives and decisions.


XV. The devil

The devil can have different meanings: an addiction, bad influences around you, the need to let go or the need to have more fun and bring out our inner devil.


XVI. Tower

The Tower is a card that, in one way or another, suggests very unexpected changes in our lives, which can be positive or negative.


XVII. The star

Rejuvenation and opportunities come from the hand of the Tarot Star card, it is a card that will illuminate our path and there is, a little, the meaning of the star that followed the Bethlehem portal, being a guide card.



The Moon means caution and warning for possible deceptions that can make you, a mysterious card that brings infidelity from the people around us.


XIX. Sun

The Sun is a very positive card as it indicates satisfaction and full life. The Sun Tarot card will give us warmth and family moments.


XX. Sentence

The Sentence symbolizes a need to rethink life and our ideas to improve our interior.

XXI. The world

The World indicates the end of a cycle of our life, an end point in a chapter, but it should be noted that although it is the end of a stage, it also indicates the beginning of a new one.

XXII. Crazy

The Fool suggests losing our minds, launching ourselves without thinking and starting a great adventure, it is somewhat assimilated to the Devil card, but this one suggests more adventures and madness, while the devil brings out our inner child a little.


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