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Perfect guest spring 2020: Our recommendations

😁 It seems that for the moment the good weather is resisting us, and that the winter cold will continue to give its last breaths. Even so, as soon as a ray of sunshine comes out, we get a smile on our faces and immediately we are on top of our game.
The rush of the longed-for good weather and the previews of the new collections make us want to take off our coats as soon as possible. And it is about to arrive the season that we love and excites us the most of the year: the WEDDING season. Or what is the same, the BBC season (weddings, baptisms and communions; although events are of course more than welcome).
Large wedding earrings to be the perfect wedding guest
So today we want to discover (if insta has not told you before) the advances of the new collections of our top guest brands, because, although it is true that year after year winter weddings are becoming more and more fashionable, the best season to wear the most spectacular outfits and be the perfect guest, is the one that is about to arrive. And if you are like me, and in February you already smell a fair, you are in luck, because the trend says more than ever a clear YES to polka dots, ruffles and flowers. And as in Lavani we are also a little bit flamenco, we have let ourselves be soaked by all this trend in the purest "Dolce" style and we bet again for the XXL volumetric accessories in the form of large leaves, flowers and oval earrings of different finishes that complement the look and make it a total success.
Large earrings and wedding earrings to be the perfect wedding guest
But well, let's get down to business, today we have come to something else. This time I want to talk specifically about three brands, which apart from the fact that we love them because they are very "Lavani", they are a clear example of made in Spain, of aspirational and affordable luxury, and of good work in terms of design and quality. These are brands that inspire good vibes and exude a relaxed and natural style.
The first, as it could not be otherwise, is Lady Pipa, our particular parner in crime, which as many of you already know is a brand with which we have worked hand in hand in our corner in Madrid.
We love it for its freshness, its originality and its versatile designs, which you can use whether you have a wedding, a baptism, a working dinner or a graduation. The great thing about Lady Pipa is that she doesn't want you to feel like you're in costume, and her clothes go perfectly with your perfect closet. In addition, we love that it is a start-up and an ecofriendly brand, that it tells us stories of inspiring women and above all, that it designs and produces 100% of its products in Madrid. If you drop by her instragram, you will be able to see her new collection and from here we warn you that it is very likely that you will fall in love with a few things. We leave you below some of our favorite garments along with their perfect Lavani complement. 
Wedding looks and earrings to be the perfect wedding guest
The second brand I want to talk about is Apparentia. This firm became famous for reinventing blazer dresses (or tuxedos as they call them) and endowing them with incredible elegance and sophistication. The quality of their fabrics and finishes is fantastic and each new collection defines their style more and more, creating their own seal of identity. In addition, their customer service is impeccable and they will advise you on whatever you need.
We are looking forward to their new collection, because regardless of whether the wedding is day or night, Apparentia is always a hit, and I don't know about you, but for the 2,850 weddings I have this year, I will surely need many simple and useful basics that I can reinvent.
Finally, I would like to tell you about another brand that we love. It's called Panambi and it seems they are doing great because their number of fans keeps growing like crazy. Not long ago they entered fully into the world of bridal, and all blogs echoed their designs. For the new season, we couldn't love their guest collection more; their prints and shapes, each one more original than the last, will certainly make you stand out. The vivid color combinations and the volumes on the sleeves give the pieces their own personality, making them unique. Panambi is one of those brands with character, for women who stand out and do not hesitate to go for something different while remaining elegant and sophisticated.
Dresses, overalls and earrings to be the perfect guest
Other brands we love are Bruna collection, which has a very careful image and style and we love it; Aware, with unique and special party pieces and La más mona, which allows you to rent models for those of us who have lots of weddings and don't want to repeat outfits.
Accessories to be the perfect guest
We are sure that you will look radiant with anything, but we invite you to take a look at these brands because they are certainly a source of inspiration.

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