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What gifts to give to the other guests at the wedding?

In the previous post (""2 Memorable gifts to give on your wedding day"), we already told you our 6 golden rules to be able to make a unique gift for one of the most special guests of the wedding, the bridesmaids, but we do not forget that more people will also attend and it is tradition to thank them for having been part of your ceremony.

Many years ago, it was typical for women to give pins as gifts, and there is an explanation that makes a lot of sense. In the past, dresses were reused over and over again, so the most common thing was to have the dresses tailored to fit the new woman who was going to wear it, so what better way to do it than with pins from weddings they had attended? Did you know? 

However, this ancient but beautiful tradition has been changing over the years and now we tend to give objects that we consider more useful. At Lavani, as good lovers of ceremonies, we want to help you so that you don't give something that they will never use again and also surprise them.

So... how do I organize myself to give something different to each of the guests?

Our advice is to take into account, first, your budget, because it will depend on it that you can look at some details or others, and then, that these details are the more useful or surprising, the better. We are going to give you options for all budgets, but we accept more proposals and ideas that surprise us.

For those who go the extra mile

If you are one of those who want to surprise, regardless of your budget, we have the perfect gift for any woman. It is impossible for you to fail, we have proven it. Leave all your guests open-mouthed by giving them the Lavani Travel Case, a mini jewelry box designed so that you can take your jewelry wherever you want while taking the utmost care of it. Is there anything more useful and adorable? We don't think so. If you choose this gift for your wedding and you want lots and lots of Lavani jewelry boxes, write to us! 

For the handyman

If your budget is very tight but you don't want your guests to be left without a souvenir, and you also like to do DIYs, we propose a lot of options: from designing your own jewellery box or making personalised mobile phone cases to making homemade jams and decorating the jar with the colours you have chosen for your wedding.

 For those who want to be a flirtatious guest

If you are one of those who believe that more is not always better, but you like your guests to feel beautiful, we propose you something: give them minimalist earrings to each of them. Choose between different models, and give them alternately so that, between them, they can try them on and choose which ones are their favorites. Our ideas? Here they go:


Or, if you are looking for jewellery, but something more affordable, we give you the option of giving cute minimalist pendants as several brides have already done Lavani.

As always, if you are giving jewellery as a wedding gift, write to us so we can tell you the price and how we do it.

We know that these are just some of the many more proposals that you can think of, do you want to show us which details you have chosen and help future brides?

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