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Mother's day jewellery gift: mother's jewellery ideas

Looking for mother's day jewelry gifts? You are in the right place.

There is only one mother! Mothers have given and give everything for us: they take care of us, they protect us, they help us, but they are also critical, hardworking and confident, and they show us reality at all times. They are a fundamental pillar in our lives and for that reason, from LAVANI Jewels we want to thank them with these jewelry gifts for Mother's Day.

Mother 's Day is near and we know how important all of them are to us. Today we'd like to help all those #LAVANIGirls who still don't quite know what to get for this special day with our selection of Mother's Day gift jewelry.

The truth is that a few years ago you would have triumphed with a macaroni necklace but now, we are sure that we can help you to surprise them a little more with this special gift.

LAVANI mother's day jewelry gift idea golden earrings



1. Mother's day gift jewelry with initials

2. Jewelry for mother with the Zodiac symbol

3. Mother's Day Jewelry inspired by the Tarot

4. Classic Mother's Day Jewelry

5. Other mother's day jewelry: earrings


If you were thinking of giving her flowers... well, some flowers wouldn't be bad, although in a week they'll have wilted... Your favorite perfume? I'm sure you will like it, but it will end up ending and it won't be very surprising.... A sweet that you love? We are sure you know it very well and you will get it right, but it is sure to be over in the blink of an eye....

What if you bet on a piece of jewelry as a Mother's Day gift? A good quality piece of jewelry will not only last for many years if you take care of it, but it also has great sentimental value. These accessories accompany thousands of women in their daily lives and, with the passage of time, they cease to be just a simple piece of jewelry, becoming YOUR jewelry, unique, full of memories, moments and people.

Mother with LAVANI Jewels

Jewelry symbolizes values such as love, affection, loyalty, elegance and above all, GRATITUDE. It is a gift that will convey all our gratitude and affection to our dear mothers for their lifelong love. In addition, the vast majority of our jewels are created with natural semi-precious stones, which have different characteristics and transmit different energies, so choosing the gift jewel for Mother's Day can be a very special process giving a very personalized and full of feeling result.

That's why we would like to give you some ideas of jewelry to give to your mothers, we are sure they will love it!

 Mother's day gift jewelry: gold initial pendant

1. Mother's day gift jewelry with initials

At LAVANI we have several collections perfect for all those daughters who are looking for a personalized gift for every mother: : LAVANI's initial necklaces are unique; in gold tone and with small colored stones that are super combinable for the day to day. You can choose your mother's initial or even go for yours, her partner's or someone special to her. It's the perfect Mother's Day jewelry to give her!

Mother's day jewelry: golden horoscope necklaces

2. Jewelry for mother with the Zodiac symbol

This is another jewelry gift idea for Mother's Day: the : Zodiac necklaces are super special necklaces that are very on trend: you can choose their Zodiac sign or combine theirs with yours or with those of the people they care about the most and you will see how they love it.

Mother's day jewelry Tarot cards pendants

3. Mother's Day Jewelry inspired by the Tarot

We could not fail to mention our collection of Tarot cards are the latest addition to our catalog. The truth is that they are being a success and we understand why. Each of them has a unique meaning and that is why you can choose one depending on what you want to convey with your Mother's Day jewelry gift. Here are some of them for you to take a look at.


Classic gold plated link jewelry for mother's day

4. Classic Mother's Day Jewelry

At LAVANI, we have a series of timeless jewelry. Classics that your mothers will be able to wear for a lifetime. Besides, they will use them in their daily life and we are sure that you will get them right.

In particular, your moms will love any of the necklaces such as the golden chains by LAVANI such as the Rope necklace, the Marine necklace or the Plain necklace, which you can find in short or long lengths.

Also, bracelets with special chains are the perfect gift for Mother's Day, like the collection of : the Navy bracelet, with super original large links; the Slabon Plain bracelet with the latest trendy links or; the Snake Big bracelet perfect for the summer days that are already approaching.


Earrings with colored stones for Mother's Day

5. Other Mother's Day jewelry: Unique Earrings

The truth is that we could not not recommend you these very special Mother's Day gifts that undoubtedly carry the LAVANI seal in their designs. At LAVANI, one of our specialties are unique jewelry designs that you will not find anywhere else.

We want to show you some of our most special earrings that we are sure will become your mother's favorite jewelry:

    • First of all, the Amal earrings are attached to the ear and form a circle of precious stones in pastel tones, symbolizing love and femininity, which will surely surprise your mothers.
    • The Sun earrings from the are another of our favorites, because their shape reminds us of the sun and brings a lot of light to the face, so.... your mothers will be delighted with this mother's jewelry!
  • Finally, the Malta Blanco earrings combine the different with the trend and elegance and that is why we think they are perfect for them.


We could spend hours recommending different types of Mother's Day gift jewelry for each of you, but it would never end. You already know, that on our website you have thousands of ideas to choose from and, in case you do not know exactly what to give, you can always ask us for an opinion based on the tastes of your mothers through Instagram at @lavani.jewels .




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