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How to clean an Amethyst

An Amethyst is a natural stone derived from quartz with crystallized forms and a violet color that is the main characteristic that differentiates Amethyst from other quartz. It is very important to know how to cleanse and recharge an Amethyst in order to preserve its properties and energies.

Discover how to clean an Amethyst easily and safely. Recharge Amethyst quartz with these simple tips.

Purple Amethyst Quartz Stone

That is why at Lavani we wanted to find out how you can clean the Amethyst stone, either so that the properties last in the Amethyst, to eliminate the bad energies of the Amethyst or to recover the purple color of the Amethyst.

Learn about the easiest techniques you can do in your own home to cleanse your Amethyst quartz and recharge an Amethyst with natural elements.

1. Can you put amethyst in water

You are wonderinghow to clean the Amethyst quartz to recover the purple color of Amethyst. Can you put amethyst in water? Here is whats you have to do.

Place your Amethyst stone or Amethyst stone jewelry in a bowl of water and rub the Amethyst quartz using very clean, pure water to remove any dirt that may have accumulated on your Amethyst.

You will see how it recovers the purple color of the original Amethyst quartz. In this way, you canclean an amethyst with water.

how to clean amethyst

2. Clean Amethyst with Frankincense

Once cleansed with water, you can combine the Amethyst cleanse with water withheAmethyst cleansing using frankincense.

Frankincense brings purifying properties to quartz. Light incense and pass it 5 times over the Amethyst stone. Cleaning an Amethyst quartz with incense will help remove the bad energies of the Amethyst.

Clean Amethyst Stone with Frankincense


3. Clean Amethyst with Earth

The earth will help us eliminate the negative waves of the Amethyst. So, how to clean amethyst geode with Earth?.

Cover your Amethyst stone with earth for 24 to 48 hours and remove it after this time. Moisten it with water to remove the remains of earth. In this way, your Amethyst will be ready to be used like the first time.

Clean earrings with Amethyst stone with earth

4. Recharge Amethyst with the Moon

A very important factor to ensure the properties of quartz is to recharge the Amethyst stone.

The Amethyst stone is closely linked to the light of the Moon and the strength of this satellite, so the Moon will recharge an Amethyst stone. Make sure to leave your Amethyst stone placed under the light of the full Moon for a whole night, that is, around 8 hours. Once this time passes, you will have your Amethyst recharged thanks to the Moon.

Recharge my Amethyst with the Moon

Amethyst is an incredible quartz with many uses in jewelry, since its properties make it ideal both to help you in your day to day life and to complement and give a touch of color to our face. Do you dare to discover the most beautiful jewels with Amethyst?


Now that you know how to clean and recharge an Amethyst, you are ready to use it. It is a magical stone that will make you fall in love! Tell us what your favorite jewels are to use the Amethyst stone.


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